Nelson Medina is a multidisciplinary artist and senior designer focused on editorial publication, graphic design, photography, digital retouch and journalism. He’s now in Czech Republic, available for art projects, collaborations and interviews.

As consultant on Art Direction and Visual Identity you can count with him for EVERY project related to build image for personal projects or advertising (photography, branding, packaging, advanced digital retouching, editorial design, graphic design, etc).

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Nelson Medina - trainRevolutionart

In 2006 he founded Revolutionart Magazine. A worldwide calling to activism & art.
With 50 editions edited he called the press attention. He has been working in advertising and corporate design for several companies and traveled around the world searching MORE inspiration. This magazine is the result of that search.
Now Revolutionart is the bimonthly hard work of a team leaded by him. As coolhunter (or uncoolhunter) his job is to make predictions in changes of new or existing cultural trends. He’s also looking for talents, ideas and projects that can afford a truly revolution in visual communication.

Nelson is available to present conferences and design workshops in your university, institute or company. He’s also available to promote art events, brand development, and support festivals, anywhere in the world.
As editor and coolhunter of Revolutionart he made interviews with prominent talents and masters like:


He’s one of the most active and famous travelers from Latin  America with more half million followers on Facebook. Founder of a big travel community on the web and winner to the best travel blog from Blogday 2011 and 2012. As all his projects, his goal is to create free resources for freedom, mind liberation, creativity and inspiration for people.


Lead singer, composer and guitarrist of a band  he started in 1997 with mentions on MTV and part of many collective rock projects in South America. As sound editor and composer he worked with many different bands with his old production label Sunshine Records.  Today he’s still composing and editing new songs in solitarie and just for fun.